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Outdoor Pan-Tilt UnitDirected Perception Logo

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Fully Integrated, Computer-Controlled PositioningDirected Perception Model PTU D47

The PTU-D47 is a family of integrated computer-controlled pan-tilt units designed for intelligent positioning and control of camera, laser, antenna, and other payloads to 12 lbs. It is a fully integrated design with single weatherized connection for power, control, and camera/payload signals. Its compact size and light weight make it ideal for mast/pole mount, portable/tripod, and vehicle applications. Payloads can be side and/or top mounted. The PTU-D47 withstands high duty-cycles and offers long-life in harsh all-weather environments.

Key features include:

  • Positions any payload: IP cameras, antennas, lasers
  • Smooth, repeatable motion and rigid design provides steady images in windy environments
  • Powerful command set supports real-time detection and tracking applications: absolute angle, relative angle, velocity control, geo-pointing (lat/lon) with GPM option
  • Solid and vibration-tolerant for vehicle applications
  • Wide-range of pan speeds (< 0.01º/sec. to 300º/sec.)
  • Extremely precise positioning (0.01º) allows moving object positions to map coordinates accurately
  • Single connector for all video, control, power
  • Flexible payload mounting (top and/or side)
  • Integrated controller - no other electronics box required
  • Computer interface via RS-232/485 or Ethernet (option)
  • Fully sealed for outdoor applications (IP66)

Applications:Directed Perception PTU-D47

  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Automated antenna pointing
  • Vehicle camera systems
  • Laser ranging systems
  • Video detection & tracking
  • Industrial automation
  • Law Enforcement
  • Force Protection

Technical Specifications

General Features

  • Rigid worm gear design. No belts/pulleys.
  • Solid and vibration-tolerant
  • Flexible payload mounting (top and/or side)
  • Integrated controller - no external box
  • Precise control of position, speed & acceleration
  • CE Mark certified
  • Single DC power input


  • Payload wiring - "ying leads from base to payload
  • Geo-Pointing Module (Part# PTU-DGPM)
  • Ethernet/IP Interface Module (Part# PTU-DGPM)


Pan-Tilt Performance(Standard)
Side Mount
Rated Payload *(a) 12 lbs.
Max Pan Speed *(b) 300º/second
Max Tilt Speed 60º/second
Resolution - Pan 0.013º
Resolution - Tilt 0.003º
  • *(a) Side-mounted payload assumes COG < 1” from tilt axis.
  • *(b) Unloaded. Max speed may depend on exact payload con!guration and dynamics.


Pan-Tilt Features
Tilt Range -47º to +31º from level (78º range)
Pan Range +/- 159º (+/- 180º with extended range mode)
Pan Speed Min .003º /second (with microstepping)
Tilt Speed Min .013º /second
Duty Cycle High duty cycle, or 3-5 million cycles
Acceleration/Deceleration Trapezoidal. On-the-"y speed and position changes.


Weight 5.38 lbs. (2.44 kg)
Dimensions 6.493”H x 8.397” W x 5.27” D
Payload Mounting Side and/or Top
PTU Mounting Pedestal mount
Material Machined aluminum


Connections & Communications
Base Connector PRIMARY: AMP (MIL-C-26482). Includes:
PTU-Power (3C) - 9-30VDC + shield
PTU-Control (7C) - RS-232(3C) and RS-485 (4C)
Payload Signals (8C) (optional)
Payload Signal Pass Through Power (2C): 30VDC max @ 2A max
Video (2C):
Communications (4C): RS-232/422
Computer Controls RS-232 standard;
Built-in multidrop RS-485 networking
Control Protocols DP (ASCII, Binary)


Power Requirements
Input Voltage Unregulated 9-30VDC (fastest performance & torque @ 30VDC)
Power Consumption (Measured at 30VDC) 13W continuous peak (full-power mode)
6W continuous peak (low-power mode (default))
1W continuous peak (holding power off mode)


Packaging & Environmental
Standards Designed to IP66
Operating Temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
Non-Operating Temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
Humidity 100% relative humidity, non-condensing
Dust/Sand (Operating) Sustain exposure to blowing dust/sand
Wind/Rain/Fog IP66
Color/Finish Black anodized
EMI FCC Part 15, part B Class B

PTU-D47 Layout

Specifications subject to change without notice.